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Expositie in Ierland

Evelien Buynsters (30 years) is a traveling photographer from the Netherlands. For Evelien photography is a way of life. Her camera is never far away. With her photography she captures what is present. To remember, in her own life but also in the lives of others. The photographs here here represent 3 big moments in…
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Camino del Norte 2017: The start

Imagine that you’ve been on an amazing journey where you met exactly who you should meet at exactly the right moment? In this journey you had the most fun about nothing and cooked the most delicious meals with no ingredients. On this journey you didn't bring much and yet a lot: yourself, a few clothes…
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You can’t rush your healing

After one week back in The Netherlands I’ve already worn myself out. There is nobody else to blame but me. Since I got back I have seen most of my family and friends already, did my first photography assignment, did a thorough downsizing session at my storage and was extremely happy and sad at the…

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19th May 2017

The sun was shining and warming me. There was a light breeze that I welcomed when I was staring out on the valley. And than I started writing a long list with what I know about myself. I didn’t expect the list to turn out this long, but I just kept on writing. Some examples…

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Living in joy

“The opportunity of a lifetime should be taken within the lifetime of the opportunity.” That’s what a wise women said to me some time ago. When she first spoke the words it didn’t make sense to me. I had her repeat for a couple of times and asked her to write it down. The quote…

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A month at Rustic Retreats

After one month at Rustic retreats in the south of Spain I have read 4 books, sunbathed for about 12 hours, rescued 2 baby bunnies, got introduced to K’s Choice Backpack session, waved farewell to 4 groups of amazing people, 2 volunteers and 1 teacher, discovered yin yoga and did my first yoganidra. Sleeping Wrapped…
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Like a rollercoaster

Being true to myself is a rollercoaster. Rollercoasters combine amazing views on their highest peaks with turns and twisters that make you forget where up, down, left or right is. Sometimes the ride is scary or overwhelming and there are moments of laughter, butterflies in your stomach, weightlessness and excitement. Before the first time I…

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Please wait, we’re connecting again

Every 10 minutes my Skype session gets cut off and it’s telling me to wait for the connection to be back. I have been waiting for connections to be back for a while now. But this week the message is speaking to me. A month ago it was my birthday and almost nobody congratulated me.…

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I decided to keep traveling

The first wave flows over my feet. The water is cold and I want to pull back. But I remain standing. Now I know what comes with the next wave and I take another step towards the ocean. Step after step the water comes higher until I dive in. My world becomes silent and small.…
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