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“Are you really leaving tomorrow? You look so relaxed!” My friend and I are looking at my empty room which is all packed up in 2 backpacks. I feel really relaxed and had a great last week in Leiden. I spend all my time this week on activities and people who I wanted to see.…

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Free falling

All of a sudden I am terrified. Is this the right thing to do? Is this the way I should go? Am I going to make it? Is this going to work out? How am I going to survive? How will I eat? How will I live? How will I come back? How will I…

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My biggest new adventure

I want to write something. About what I am going through at this moment. But every time I start writing … it stops after 4 lines. I start again and stop again. I start again and stop again. Apparently what I want to write is hard to put in words. The last 3 weeks I…

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Your wish is my command

I can still feel and remember the moment - riding a bus from Inverness to Ullapool listening to Ben Howard and watching the Highlands through the window - where I thought that it would be amazing to work and travel at the same time. And in a conversation with a american business analysist in Kirkwall on the…
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This really needed to get out

Because the people from the ChangemakersXchange community don’t speak or read dutch and I do want them to be able to read this blogpost I translated my blogpost from march 15th (Dit moest er echt even uit)to english.  The North Star appears in the sky and on the other site of the airplane the sky…

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