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Persoonlijke ontwikkeling

Like a rollercoaster

Being true to myself is a rollercoaster. Rollercoasters combine amazing views on their highest peaks with turns and twisters that make you forget where up, down, left or right is. Sometimes the ride is scary or overwhelming and there are moments of laughter, butterflies in your stomach, weightlessness and excitement. Before the first time I…

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Please wait, we’re connecting again

Every 10 minutes my Skype session gets cut off and it’s telling me to wait for the connection to be back. I have been waiting for connections to be back for a while now. But this week the message is speaking to me. A month ago it was my birthday and almost nobody congratulated me.…

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I decided to keep traveling

The first wave flows over my feet. The water is cold and I want to pull back. But I remain standing. Now I know what comes with the next wave and I take another step towards the ocean. Step after step the water comes higher until I dive in. My world becomes silent and small.…
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Leaving a home

Seize the moment when the sun is shining in Ireland to enjoy a nice walk. Enjoy the dancing in the kitchen with people you only known for two days. Really feel the first touch that will never come a second time. See the beauty in the ever changing sea. Love the connection you make with…

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Living the island life

Time is hard to grasp while being on Inis Mor. “I made that apple pie yesterday, right?” “That was two days ago.” At times I can see the mainland of Ireland in the distance, but I feel no need to go back to a place where life is fast and demanding. Spending my time with…
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“Are you really leaving tomorrow? You look so relaxed!” My friend and I are looking at my empty room which is all packed up in 2 backpacks. I feel really relaxed and had a great last week in Leiden. I spend all my time this week on activities and people who I wanted to see.…

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Free falling

All of a sudden I am terrified. Is this the right thing to do? Is this the way I should go? Am I going to make it? Is this going to work out? How am I going to survive? How will I eat? How will I live? How will I come back? How will I…

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My biggest new adventure

I want to write something. About what I am going through at this moment. But every time I start writing … it stops after 4 lines. I start again and stop again. I start again and stop again. Apparently what I want to write is hard to put in words. The last 3 weeks I…

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