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My first ever exhibition is opening tonight!

I still can't believe this is really happening, but it is exciting. Tonight is the opening is my first ever exhibition of my work as a photographer.  People I don't know are coming to see my photographs. And I am not showing them any photographs, but they will see a summary of my visual journal from…
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Meeting travelers – Jack

Jack (23) and I met at Kilronan Hostel at Inis Mor in Ireland. Jack has traveled Europe in the last couple of months and after Ireland he will be off to Australia to continu his trip around the world.  Why did you come here? Five months ago Jack left Canada to look for adventure in…
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Meeting travelers – Hélène

Hélène (27) and I met while volunteering at Kilronan Hostel at Inis Mor in Ireland. She is from France and is back in Ireland to spend time with herself.  Why did you come here? Whenever something goes bad in Hélène’s life she comes to Ireland. “Two years ago I live in Ireland and also stayed in…
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Meeting travelers – Ancor

Ancor (22) and I met while volunteering at Kilronan Hostel at Inis Mor in Ireland. He comes from the Canary Islands and after graduating he decided to travel to Ireland to improve his english. Why did you come here? Last july Ancor finished his school and he wants to get a master degree in forestry and sustainable management.…
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Leaving a home

Seize the moment when the sun is shining in Ireland to enjoy a nice walk. Enjoy the dancing in the kitchen with people you only known for two days. Really feel the first touch that will never come a second time. See the beauty in the ever changing sea. Love the connection you make with…

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Living the island life

Time is hard to grasp while being on Inis Mor. “I made that apple pie yesterday, right?” “That was two days ago.” At times I can see the mainland of Ireland in the distance, but I feel no need to go back to a place where life is fast and demanding. Spending my time with…
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Not a walk in the park

Day 1 Clonegal - Boley / Distance: 20 km / Hours: 6,5 (9.00 - 15.30) The sunrise colored the sky red and orange when I opened my eyes this morning. I felt a slight tingle in my stumach. Today I was really going to start walking the Wicklow Way. This walk had been in my mind ever…
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“Are you really leaving tomorrow? You look so relaxed!” My friend and I are looking at my empty room which is all packed up in 2 backpacks. I feel really relaxed and had a great last week in Leiden. I spend all my time this week on activities and people who I wanted to see.…

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My biggest new adventure

I want to write something. About what I am going through at this moment. But every time I start writing … it stops after 4 lines. I start again and stop again. I start again and stop again. Apparently what I want to write is hard to put in words. The last 3 weeks I…

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