Meeting travelers – Jack

Jack (23) and I met at Kilronan Hostel at Inis Mor in Ireland. Jack has traveled Europe in the last couple of months and after Ireland he will be off to Australia to continu his trip around the world. 

Why did you come here?

Five months ago Jack left Canada to look for adventure in Europe. “I had some ideas what I wanted to see, but no real plan. Seeing Ireland was definitely on my list of countries I wanted to see. In my trip I decided where I wanted to go based on the stories I heard from other travellers or because I had friends living there. From the start I knew I wanted to travel alone. When you’re travelling alone you don’t have to stick together and you get more freedom.”

Jack spend one month in Ireland. “Because I stayed on Inis Mor for the entire month I didn’t really see the rest of the country. I will definitely come back to see the rest of Ireland. What I saw here was already so beautiful; all the rocks, the cliffs, the sea and all the people I met.”

What did you learn?

In the months that passed Jack learned a lot. “I learned to budget my money pretty well, how metro systems in big cities work, how to travel cheap and live cheaper than I thought I could. Also, I got more comfortable with people who don’t speak my own language and I learned new card games.”

In the beginning of the trip Jack got lonely, but now he learned to be alone. “I don’t get sad anymore when I feel alone. In the beginning I felt sad and wanted somebody from home to be here and share a beautiful place and moment with. But why? Now I know that you will always meet new people to share these moments with. It just takes one big step to get things done and once you get going, you will just keep going. Was this the profound insights you were looking for?” 

What is home for you?

When I ask Jack what home is to him he immediately tells me that it is Canada. “Canada just is home to me. It is where I was born and lived my entire life. It will always be home even though I plan to not call it home for a while. Sometimes I miss my family and friends and when I get pictures of my puppy I definitely miss home.”

Travelling made it easier for Jack to be at home in different places. “I’ve learned to be happy where ever I am and this makes me feel alive. Just walking outside and seeing the amazing view makes me feel alive. At the moment I don’t feel like I am travelling anymore. I’m just not living in my main home now. I feel good living this way.”

Is there a difference between the traveling you and the one at home?

Jack sees a difference between him now and before his trip. “To me this trip separates the old me from the new me. I don’t really like the old me. He complained too much, was too sad and lazy. Now I am more patient, I worry less and I plan more. I feel happier and I’m talking more with people. All the changes are positive so I just keep going.”

When are you the most vulnerable?

Jack tells me he doesn’t feel vulnerable. “Maybe I feel this when I’m hungover. The only other thing I can think about is when somebody I am close to is in danger. At the moment I am not close enough to somebody to feel this. And why would I be vulnerable?”

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