Meeting travelers – Ancor

Ancor (22) and I met while volunteering at Kilronan Hostel at Inis Mor in Ireland. He comes from the Canary Islands and after graduating he decided to travel to Ireland to improve his english.

Why did you come here?

Last july Ancor finished his school and he wants to get a master degree in forestry and sustainable management. “In 1,5 years I want to start my master. For this my english needs to be on a advanced level. I decided to travel to a country where the native language is english. I choose Ireland because I have been here before and really liked the country. So why not come here again?”

Coming from the Canary Islands Ancor needs to have the see in sight. “For me it is difficult to not see the sea. Having the sea in front of me is actually more important than having good weather. For me this is a reason to come to volunteer in the hostel. I enjoy spending my time here with the hostel staff with open minded, smart and friendly people.”

What did you learn from your trip?

For Ancor learning english is the main focus of his trip and speaking english with guest and staff from different countries is good practice. Besides this he also develops himself on a personal level. “I get to know myself better when I am abroad. All my senses are hightened and I feel alive. Living outside my comfortzone and not getting bored, because not one day is the same. There is always something to do, somebody to talk to or a new situation to handle. For me this is the real life. I don’t want to stay in the same place forever.”

On the Canary Islands Ancor feels limited in his personal and intelectual development. “At home I don’t have all the choices or possibilities that I have in other places in the world. This makes me feel frustrated, because I know I can give and do more. For this I need to travel.”

What is home for you?

Having inner peace is home for Ancor. He finds this when he is abroad. “When I came back home after spending a year in Poland I realized I wasn’t feeling good at home. I started tot think about why and what I can do to change this. Being abroad, working, learning and meeting like minded people is helping me to find inner peace. I am more myself when I am away from home. I hope I don’t stop traveling for a long time.”

Ancor knows he has the potential to do this, but also knows that for him this won’t happen when he is on the Canary Islands. “I see that I can achieve more and I want to make a change. I know that I won’t be able to change the world, but I can start with my home. It might be a small step, but it is still something.

When are you the most vulnerable?

Ancore is happy when he is surrounded by other people. “I love meeting new people and making a real connection with them. The hard thing is saying goodbye and letting these people go. I am unsure when I will see them again and I don’t like tot think about this.”

In his year in Poland Ancore was living together with friends. Christmas came and everybody, except Ancor, went home to spend time with their families. “I spend 2 weeks alone in the apartment and was feeling like shit. When I spend too much time on my own I start to overthink everything. I learned that I don’t mind to be alone, but not longer than 1 week. I was so happy when my friends came back again.”

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