My first ever exhibition is opening tonight!

I still can’t believe this is really happening, but it is exciting.

Tonight is the opening is my first ever exhibition of my work as a photographer.  People I don’t know are coming to see my photographs. And I am not showing them any photographs, but they will see a summary of my visual journal from the last 18 months. The last week I have been very calm despite the fact this is scary. Somebody told me that this is because this is what I am supposed to be doing.

The exhibition is taking place at ReStation, entrepreneurs live and work together here, in the city of Las Palmas on Gran Canaria. Not everybody would be crazy enough to fly out here and come look at the exhibition so I am bringing the exhibition to you online.

About me & my daily happiness

Discovering and showing value is important to me in every aspect of my life. As a life coach I support people to find their own value and show them how to share this with the world. And as a photographer I capture and show valuable moments, the inner beauty of people, the amazingness of nature and the connection between them.

In my own journey of discovering my value and showing this to the world I learned that I need to constantly challenge myself to grow. With photographing my daily happiness I am not just challenging myself, but also training myself to think more positively, improving my photography skills and putting together a visual journal to remind myself of these moments.

The project started on august 4th 2015 and so far I have taken 461 photographs. I divided them into 15 different categories. From every category I choose 1 picture and wrote the amount of times captured, the date taken and why this was my daily happiness moment that day.

I love meeting new people while drinking tea and listening to life or travel stories. Feel free to take my card and contact me if you have questions or want to share something with me about this project, my other photography work, life coaching or if you want to buy any of the photographs on display here.

March 27th 2016 – Witnessing a father and son moment – Everyday life – 31 times

November 9th 2015 – Going through a pile of puzzle pieces with my hands – Creating – 12 times

August 5th 2016 – My cat Timo – Animals – 17 times

July 9th 2016 – Baking a cake and eating it immediately with a friend – Food & drinks – 61 times

November 18th 2015 – Making photographs of children in a forest – Photography – 27 times

September 18th 2016 – My lovely friends – Love – 39 times

June 25th 2016 – Being at a concert – Live music – 8 times

November 10th 2016 – Laying in a hammock at night and not be cold – Relaxing – 37 times

December 12th 2015 – People with courage – Meeting new people – 7 times

October 30th 2015 – Watching birds with my father – Nature – 41 times

March 1st 2016 – Finding a surprise in the vegetables – Discovering – 15 times

October 28th 2016 – Hitchhiking in Ireland – Traveling – 34 times

April 8th 2016 – Laughing and giggling while cooking – Fun – 24 times

October 5th 2016 – Endlessness – Peace & space – 17 times

February 2nd 2016 – The lights in Leiden – The beauty of cities – 26 times

September 21st 2015 – Working from home – Working – 15 times

January 23th 2015 – Being at a yoga workshop the entire day – Yoga – 4 times

November 3th 2015 – Sunsets that make me look back while biking – Sun & light – 46 times

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