Leaving a home

Seize the moment when the sun is shining in Ireland to enjoy a nice walk. Enjoy the dancing in the kitchen with people you only known for two days. Really feel the first touch that will never come a second time. See the beauty in the ever changing sea. Love the connection you make with people from all around the world and will last forever. Hear the sound of silence on the top of a mountain. Taste the love that other people put in preparing food. 

Because before you know it you will be sitting in a big hostel somewhere in Galway and you find yourself in the world again. 

The biggest shock of leaving the beautiful Inis Mor is starting to fade. I was lucky enough to arrive to the hostel and find a familiair face and great carbonara. I wouldn’t be alone, but also didn’t need to meet new people to not be alone. Surrounded by young people who were clearly here to party I could just sit and watch. After spending 2,5 weeks on Inis Mor, with 800 inhabitants, arriving in Galway was different. The people, cars and sounds seem more loud than they probably are.

On the ferry I felt sad and happy at the same time. Sad to let go of something that I want to hold on to and happy to know that a new adventure is waiting for me. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it on the island, but after a couple of days I was loving and enjoying every moment. Dancing under the stars in the middle of the night. Singing – or was it shouting – Wonderwall in the pub. Being clueless of what is going on playing King Mao – I still don’t know how to pronounce this or if I’m writing this correct -. Seeing the endless ocean in front of me and biking downhill fast after a steep climb. Talking about life, traveling and really random stuff with amazing people. But even the ones where I would be watching the Friends episode with Charlie Sheen for the 3th time, doing laundry or the dishes and I especially loved the breakfast-moments where all we said was ‘good morning’ and proceeded eating our breakfast.

I felt at home on the island. Surrounded with pure nature and people where I could be myself. Staring over the endless ocean makes the never ending stream of thoughts stop for a moment and enables me to breath. Eating great food with a group of people who accept me for who I am and feel like they always been and always will be around me.

I never like to let something or somebody go, but I know that I am able to do it. And I also know that it opens the possibility of new experiences, insights and people to come into my life. Never forgetting the moments that passed and the people who I will be carrying with me in my heart.

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