19th May 2017

The sun was shining and warming me. There was a light breeze that I welcomed when I was staring out on the valley. And than I started writing a long list with what I know about myself. I didn’t expect the list to turn out this long, but I just kept on writing. Some examples of this list:

I’m good at what I do and for this reason people ask me to stay longer or return

I decide over the direction of my life

Once every 2 or 3 weeks I need a day to recharge where I don’t speak to or see people

I love the sun

I love rainy and cloudy days as well

I like to feel needed

Entire days without computers or phones are the days where I’m living in the moment

I write more when I don’t have a partner

I’m happy with my first name, but not yet with my surname

Dancing and singing makes me happy

I look forward to being back in Holland, but am happy that I know when I will be leaving again

I still want to learn Spanish

I’m never going to be a morning person

I only want to own cloths that make me feel good

I love going to new supermarkets

I don’t like buying new shoes or trousers

One of the most magical things I’ve seen was a moonrise

I’m more creative when I don’t have a partner

I love looking at men, but freeze when they look back

I don’t know what being in love is

I’m proud of my selfishness

I love the words ‘not yet’

When I act on my impulses I feel the flow

I’m not ready to think about my future in a concrete plan

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