“Are you really leaving tomorrow? You look so relaxed!” My friend and I are looking at my empty room which is all packed up in 2 backpacks. I feel really relaxed and had a great last week in Leiden. I spend all my time this week on activities and people who I wanted to see.

My sister and I had a perfectly day with a lot of enjoying the sun, swimming in a lake and looking at the beauty around us. We had a dinner on the beach for my brothers birthday and took a great family picture with all of us in it, who know when the next time will be that we see each other again all together.

A lot of my time this week was spend with relaxing. I had massages, yes you read it right I had multiple massages this week, and visited a sauna. Enjoying dinner with friends and biking through Leiden is a good way to spend my last week here. Leiden is a great place when it’s sunny. Everybody is happy, spending most of their time outside and boats are going through the canals.

To top this week of I went dancing on saturday night and although me and my friend were really tired we danced our asses of. And after a good night sleep I woke up awake and energetic. I was wondering what to do with my day besides packing my back. Luckily I got to spend a afternoon in the sun on the canals in Leiden with another lovely friend and this evening I organized a small dinner where everybody brought lovely food.

During the dinner this evening, and the rest of the week, I noticed that I am really calm. Just like my friend told me. Although at moments I get scared I am also excited and calm. This is a good way for me to know that it is a good thing to do. I enjoyed spending time this week with the people I love and I am so grateful that they all are in my life and will be here when I get back. They all have a really special place in my heart and I feel warm and loved when I think about all these people.

So tomorrow I will leave and my adventure will start. I can’t wait!

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